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Research featured in BBC Worklife

Research featured in the BBC's Worklife feature article: The hidden inflexibility of hybrid work As they continue to navigate return-to-office plans, many companies are settling on hybrid set-ups: a workweek split between the office and the home, featuring a few fixed days of in-person working, generally with a standard 9-to-5 schedule. “There will always be...

Future Workplace Teams Presents at EAWOP

The Future Workplace team are presenting their research to an international audience at the 21st European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology Congress in Katowice, Poland. They share research about: the role of personality and offices; working outdoors; working from home and work-family conflict, and; using systems thinking to design future workplaces. Read more about...

US Academy of Management

Research to be presented at US Academy of Management. The futureworkplace team have had their research accepted at the prestigious US Academy of Management Annual Meeting, to be held in Boston in August 2023. The conference is the largest management conference in the world, attracting over 10,000 attendees. The session: Future of Organizational Spaces: An...

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COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns made most office-based staff become homeworkers overnight. This disruption has changed employees' and organisations' preconceptions of what a workplace is. In a much broader sense, a reflection is spurred on what "go to work" means and how we will work in the future.

This is exciting and has the potential to improve both the experience of work for employees and to drive innovation in the design of offices and ways of working. Our research examines the implications of these changes, provides advice for organisations looking to create hybrid workplaces and develops an evidence base for what the impact is on employee behaviour.

Where is your workplace today?

This 3 minute animation explains how hybrid working affects employees.

Key Business Insights

In this webinar recording we explain the key findings from the in-depth Adapting Offices study of hybrid working. We explain the key things that business need to know to improve hybrid working practices, support employee wellbeing, performance and networks.