Report Launched! New Insights on Employee Behaviour and Social Networks

We’re excited to announce that our new interactive report "Where is Your Office Today? - Part TWO" is now available to download!

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We are a team of academics at the University of Leeds investigating how organisations design offices, technologies and practices to enable different ways of working in future workplaces.

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Our research is making an impact via industrial, academic and public venues and has been featured in international media outlets.

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Webinar: Where is your office? New insights on employee behaviour

We share key findings on the impact of different work patterns and workplaces on employee behaviour and social network. Watch on YouTube.

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Imbalance of home and office working causing issues for employees, new research finds… The Yorkshire Post have published an article...


We’re excited to announce that our new interactive report is now available to download! “Where is Your Office Today? –...


Dr Matthew Davis‘ research about the impact of open plan offices on employees featured in a recent New York Times...


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COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns made most office-based staff become homeworkers overnight. This disruption has changed employees’ and organisations’ preconceptions of what a workplace is. In a much broader sense, a reflection is spurred on what “go to work” means and how we will work in the future.

This is exciting and has the potential to improve both the experience of work for employees and to drive innovation in the design of offices and ways of working. Our research examines the implications of these changes, provides advice for organisations looking to create hybrid workplaces and develops an evidence base for what the impact is on employee behaviour.

Where is your workplace today?