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Understanding the value of internships

This project explores the value of an internship, and understand how students develop skills, values and goals as a result of their internship experiences. The research is a multi-partnered collaboration, and the overall research programme comprises different workstreams.

Since 2016 we have been tracking students’ development across more than 100 competencies, exploring their proficiency and rates of development. Alongside this, our research explores the goals, values and expectations that students have about their internships, as well as how they are perceived in the workplace by their workplace colleagues.  We have tracked the changes in experience, learning and expectations that the COVID-19 and emergence of hybrid working has posed graduates and students.

So far, over 1250 students have taken part in the research from across three faculties; and over 1900 line manager and workplace peers from over 280 organizations have provided ratings of students at different time points. We have guidance, tips and advice for both students and employers.

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